Faxing Service

The H.J. Nugen Public Library fax machine is available to the public to either send or receive documents.  An 8 ½ x 11” copy of the document must be provided in order to transmit.  If not, a photocopy must be made and regular photocopy charges will apply.

 Faxes concerning H.J. Nugen Public Library business may be sent without charge or restrictions.

 If the patron request is for non-library information the patron will be charged for each page being sent or received excluding the cover sheet.

 Continental United States

 $1.00 a page for the 1st 3 pages after the cover sheet

 $.50  for each page thereafter

 Toll free numbers and local numbers

 $  .50  for each page

 Hawaii, Alaska, and International

 $3.00 for the first page

 $2.00  for each page thereafter

 Receive from anywhere

  $.50  for each page

 Patrons are not allowed to enter the staff area to send faxes; staff will transmit the information.

 A member of the staff will attempt to reach the patron if the fax is clearly marked with the name, address and phone number of the patron.  The library does not deliver or persistently try to notify patrons when material is here. 

 Documents may be sent and picked up during normal business hours, but may be received by the fax machine 24 hours a day.

 Patrons have seven days to retrieve their faxes before they will be destroyed.

 The library will try to maintain confidentiality when processing a fax, but makes no guarantees as to privacy, quality or reliability of the fax services.

 Those wishing to use the fax services must be aware that library services are the staff’s first priority.  While faxing will be done as soon as possible, the library patrons must take precedence. Patrons must pay for their fax calls when made.