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Posted 6/28/2024 - will be posted a minimum of 2 weeks or until position is filled

Library Assistant Opening

(guaranteed 12 hours up to 15 hours per week @ $17.00/hour) We are seeking a motivated & socially outgoing worker with a high school diploma or equivalent. This job you will be expected to interact with the public of all ages, so communication skills are a must. In this position you will be expected to assist library patrons with readers advisory, be able to research and answer reference questions, check in and out materials, be able to assist with photocopying & computer usage. Other requirements include being able to alphabetize and have a basic knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System to aid in shelving and locating materials. Must be able to perform basic clerical work, including being able to operate a computer. Assisting with programming for all ages is a must in all stages: development, planning and implementation. In this position you will work mostly with children when it comes to programming, including running the after school programs on Wednesday afternoons. Currently work hours are Monday: 4pm – 7pm, Wednesdays: 2pm – 7pm during the school year (4pm – 7pm, when school is not in session) & Saturdays: 10:00am – 4:00 pm). Hours may vary based on various other variables.

For more details about the expectation of this position you may click the link below "Library Assistant Job Description".

Application may be downloaded from link below. Fill out application and turn in to library at your convenience. Resumes are encouraged. 


The H.J. Nugen Public Library was established in the mid-thirties through the generosity of the late H.J. Nugen, a member of one of the early families residing in New London.  A sum of money and the income from Mr. Nugen's  estate was left to provide a public library for the community.   The library was dedicated April 22, 1938 after a great deal of preliminary work in the remodeled National Bank building.

Thoughts of a new library building began in the mid-sixties because of the crowded conditions in the bank building with no room for new materials.  The current library building was built with a federal grant, funds from the Everett Ramey estate, and a town drive that raised the additional funds to complete the building project.  The new building was opened for business on January 31, 1972.